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Minuman Es Premix
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12 Sep 2018
20 kg


Ice Blender

Capinos Magic powder Blender Ice able to diginakan for a variety of products, among others: Drink milk assorted flavors, chocolate Drinks, fruit juice, cappuccino, cincu and ice blend various toping.


Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana Chocotimamisu Strawberry, Durian Cappuccino, Vanilla Cream Soda, green beans, Apple Grape, and the Four Seasons.

Packaging: 1 kg/pack, 20 kg/carton

The price of a stamp of plant:

Sense of coklat: us $ 37,000,-/kg or Rp 740,000,-/carton.


Other flavors: USD 32,000,-/kg or Rp 650,000,-/carton

Conditions: minimum order for purchase 1 carton.

How To Process:

Weigh 25 g of Premix Ice Blender and the blender with 200 grams of ice cubes and 50 gr of cold water, serve.































Business Analysis:
1 Kg powder blender ice magic will be 40 glasses, if prices get to customer is Rp. 40.000,-then:
The cost of the magic powder/g

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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